"I reached my goal score of 1500 on the SAT in October of my junior year, improving by 150 points. I did most of the work during the summer. I am so happy I dedicated that time because now I can focus on my GPA and sports during the school year. Thanks so much, Cecily!"
San Juan Hills High School student, class of 2020, Yale hopeful
"I had a full sports scholarship to the school of my choice riding on a particular score for the SAT. I had taken a class and tutored with two other tutors, not to mentioning taking the test five times, before I started working with Cecily. I was losing hope and had only one more shot at the test, in May of my senior year. I am happy to say I exceeded my target score by 50 points and will be attending my dream school on a full scholarship in the fall!"
San Clemente High School student, class of 2018, Point Loma University class of 2022
"I am what you would call ‘not a good test taker.’ I work hard and get decent grades, though, so I hoped that with some effort, even I could improve on ACT. I went from a 17 to a 23, which puts me in a much stronger position for college applications. Cecily gave me confidence, pointing out my strengths and working with me through my challenges, and I feel I did my very best!"
San Clemente High school student, class of 2019
"I took a practice ACT November of my junior year. I ran out of time on every section- it was so hard!! So I took a full course to prepare for the February ACT. It really helped that Cecily came to my home to tutor. And I went up 5 points!"
Tesoro High School student, class of 2017
"I took ACT cold April of junior year. I wasn’t worried about it: I was a full I.B. student and knew several other kids who did well. I got a 24! I was crushed- this was nowhere near the window for my dream school. To make things worse, I then had to focus on AP’s and finals, losing valuable time. I prepped intensively for the next ACT during summer before senior year. I did a test a week, and it worked. I really had ACT down when I took it September. I knew exactly what I was going to see, and I was good at it!! I got a 30!!!! Just found out I got into my dream school and my parents’ alma mater. I’m thrilled!!"
San Clemente High School student, Class of 2015, Brigham Young University, Class of 2019
"Halfway through junior year, I wasn’t too worried about SAT or ACT, or even college for that matter. I figured I’d just go wherever I could get in. I got a 1520 on my first SAT. When I started visiting schools, though, I really liked University of Colorado, Boulder, and was disappointed to hear the average SAT was about an 1800; ACT 26. I then became very motivated and began prepping for SAT. My next one was 1660. Better, but still not good enough. I took the SAT one more time (1710) and then did a little prep for ACT. I got a 28 on the ACT!!! I was thrilled!!!"
Margarita Catholic High School student, Class of 2015, University of Colorado, Boulder, Class of 2019
"Cecily made the SAT fun!! Yes FUN!!! I never could have done as well as I did (2070 and 2130) without her help. She was always so positive and motivating, cheering me on and telling me the things I was doing right, not just doing wrong. She is so knowledgeable herself- she takes the test twice a year- I love that!! You will be so happy you worked with her. Thanks Cecily!!"
Trabuco Hills High School student, Class of 2016
"I had a full sports scholarship on the table for San Luis Obispo but needed to raise my SAT 100 points to get it. I tutored with Cecily diligently for 4 weeks leading up to the next test. AND……I did it!!! Reached my goal with points to spare. Thanks Cecily!!"
Mission Viejo High School student, Class of 2015, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Class of 2019
"In my sophomore year of high school I took the SAT without any tutoring and I got a score in the low 1400 range. When I started tutoring with Cecily I was really nervous and unsure about if my scores would go up. Cecily was really patient with me and explained that my scores would go up if I did my homework. She motivated me to stay on track! My next score was a 1700 which I was really excited about and I texted Cecily to tell her right away. She showed she was really proud of me! We continued tutoring using the same methods as before and she assured me my grades would go up again which they did when I got an 1850! With these scores I will have so many more options for college! My scores went up by 450 points thanks to Cecily!"
Senior at Saint Margaret's, Class of 2014
"I just want to thank you so much!! I improved my score by 180 points and got a 2030 on the SAT Critical Reading was my highest with a 730, then Math with a 690 and Writing with a 610---I do not know what it is about that section! hahah You helped me so much and reduced my anxiety about the test by a LOT. You are really personable and so sweet. It was really nice having someone I could talk through questions with. I really appreciate everything you did to help me prepare!"
Trabuco Hills High School student, Class of 2014
"I do everything with my best friend: we take the same classes, we both dance, both do about the same in school. So when it came time to prep for the SAT, we tutored together, too. It was fun to do a little mini class like that- I would highly recommend it! Our scores, of course, went up, too- I can't imagine taking that test without prepping."
Laguna Beach High School student, Class of 2013
"My scores were scary low when I first took a diagnostic SAT at my school. I didn't get how I could be fine in class (my GPA is 3.7) and yet score in the 1500 range on the SAT. I did a full SAT course Spring of my junior year and got an 1850 on the March test. Cecily was SO helpful! The test-taking strategies I learned have helped me in school, too. I feel like I can accomplish a lot now, and I'm so grateful I don't have to deal with SAT during finals. I would highly recommend prepping with Cecily!"
San Juan Hills High School student, Class of 2013
"My older sister prepped for ACT two years ago with Cecily and got into USC after raising her score several points. I always assumed I would take the ACT, too. But I took the combo course and found that I am in fact much better at the SAT. I took it twice and reached my goal score in December of my junior year. I'm so glad I spent some time prepping and finding out which test was best for me. Cecily really helped me a lot!"
St. Margaret's Episcopol School, Class of 2013
"Cecily tutored my two older sisters for SAT, and they did very well on the test- one got a 1900 and the other a 2200 and went on to be awarded "I.B. Scholar of Scholars." Meanwhile, I started with a 1500 at the end of my sophomore year and was pretty discouraged. Cecily was very patient as she walked me through the strategies. I took the test December and June of junior year, and November of senior year. I went up every time, and by senior year it all started to really 'click.' I was blown away when I got a 2060 on my last test! That score opened doors for me that I didn't think would open- I got into ALL of my "reach" schools. THANK YOU Cecily!"
San Clemente High School student, Class of 2012
"My first ACT score was a 27. I completed a full course the summer before my junior year, took the test in September, and got a 30. I felt pretty accomplished, and I decided to take a break and take it again in Spring. I took it again in February and got another 30, but then again in April and got a 31. I'm so glad I spent time with Cecily getting to know that test! I'm not a student who's an athlete or has some special talents or hobbies! I was applying to schools on academics alone. My scores helped me not just get into schools but get me merit scholarhips. I'm going to Pepperdine on a full scholarship in the fall and I couldn't be happier- thanks a million Cecily!"
J Serra Catholic High School student, Class of 2012
"When I first took the ACT, I wasn't happy with my score of 32. Cecily helped me focus on my weaknesses, so when I took the ACT the second time, I got a 35! She was very supportive and friendly, and I enjoyed working with her. I would recommend Cecily to anyone looking for a test prep tutor."
South Orange County Student, Class of 2012
"Cecily was a great help!! I had a really good GPA and good grades throughout high school, but taking the SAT was a whole different story. Cecily really helped me gain confidence in my SAT test taking, as well as taught me great tricks and techniques to improve my score. In the end I received a 2120 which helped me get into 10 out of the 11 colleges I applied to!! Thanks so much Cecily!"
Mission Viejo High School student, Class of 2011, Northwestern, Class of 2015